Setting new standards of hygiene in your industry

Supplying the Food and Beverage industry with cleaning products

Food & Beverage

Cleaning detergents and disinfectants to improve food safety and quality. Catering to the meat, dairy, poultry, fruit and vegetable, fishing and processed food sectors.

Detergents and disinfectants for the Hospitality Industry


A complete hospitality range for rooms, kitchens and hotel laundries to create a hygienic and clean environment for your guests.

Commercial laundry detergents and programmes for industrial laundries


Powder and liquid laundry range of detergents, boosters and softeners for efficient laundering of linens and textiles.

Mining and industrial detergents and disinfectants

Mining Industry

Industrial cleaning chemicals for machinery, accommodation and kitchens to ensure the highest level of productivity is achieved.

Cleaning chemicals for a safe and hygienic Pharmaceutical plant


A range of detergents and disinfectants for Cleaning In Place and Open Plant Cleaning, helping to maintain a hygienically safe manufacturing facility.

A hygienic cleaning solution for the Healthcare Industry


Innovative cleaning and disinfecting solutions for a hygienically clean hospital, clinic, private practice and medical facility.

Contract Cleaning detergent and disinfectant product range

ContRact Cleaning

An economical range of products to clean general areas, eateries and public spaces more effectively.

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