The first teat dip RTU range to save time, increase productivity and reduce wastage.

Deluxe Chemicals has developed our first Ready To Use teat dip range for Dairy Farmers, eliminating the premixing and dilution phase in the milking process.

The range features two ready to use teat dips, MAXICARE RTU and MAXITREAT RTU. Each teat dip contains emollients to soften teats, even in extremely dry weather conditions and includes darker dyes for easier identification and prevention of reapplication. The MAXICARE RTU is an Iodine based teat dip that is dark brown in colour. MAXITREAT RTU is deep purple with a glutaraldehyde base. Both iodine and glutaraldehyde are known to kill bacteria found on a cow udder and teats. Each teat dip is applied by dipping or spraying onto the teats after the milking process.

Ready to use teat dip

The ready to use teat dip range eliminates the need for water, making it easier to use in areas where potable water is not readily available or in areas where Dairy Farmers are faced with water restrictions. An added benefit of the ready mixed product is that it reduces the possibility of cross-contamination and product wastage due to inconsistent mixing.

Deluxe Chemicals is proud to offer MAXICARE RTU and MAXITREAT RTU to Dairy Farmers across Africa. For more information contact renier@deluxe.co.za or leave us a request for a quote. View more of our Dairy Product offerings here.