SUPERQUAT – Twin Chain QAC Disinfectant


Twin Chain QAC Disinfectant

SUPERQUAT is a twin chain QAC disinfectant that is recommended for use in hatcheries and poultry houses. The QAC disinfectant is effective against a broad range of micro-organisms, Gram Negative and Gram Positive bacteria with a kill rate of 99.9% against Escherichia coli, Staphylococcus aureus, Pseudomonas aeruginosa and Newcastle disease. SUPERQUAT passed EN14476 with a log 4 reduction (99.99% kill rate) against Feline coronavirus VR-929 (P 06).

Available pack size:

  • 25L DRUM




  • Proven kill rate against COVID-19.
  • Registered with the Department of Agriculture against Act 36/ 1947.
  • Contains Q.A.C for effective disinfecting.
  • Effective against E.Coli, Newcastle Disease, P.aeruinosa, S.aureus
  • Suitable for use in hatcheries, poultry houses, piggeries, sties, milking parlours and stables.

Available pack size:

  • 25L DRUM

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