SPOTEX KIT – Laundry Stain Removal Kit


Laundry Stain Removal Kit

SPOTEX 1: Laundry stain remover

SPOTEX 1 is a liquid laundry adjunct used for the removal of fatty and greasy stains from all types of fabric, as well as food stains such as Red Wine, Tomato and Soya Sauce, Curry and Make-Up. SPOTEX 1 is safe for use on all types of fabrics and colours.


SPOTEX 2: Oxygen bleach stain remover

SPOTEX 2, an oxygen bleach stain remover for use on all white or coloured fabrics of a cotton and/ or polyester blend.  In combination with SPOTEX 1, this oxygen bleach stain remover can remove various stains commonly found on kitchen and hotel linen.


SPOTEX 3: Laundry spotting agent

SPOTEX 3 is a laundry spotting agent specially formulated to remove iron and rust marks on fabric.


SPOTEX 4: Laundry stain remover

SPOTEX 4 is a solvent-based product that removes stubborn pigment stains such as nail polish, ink and marking pens on all types of fabric.


Available pack size:

  • 4x500ML BOX




  • The spotting kit contains 3 stain removers and 1 spotting agent.
  • Designed to remove a variety of food, make-up, iron, rust and ink stains.
  • Applied neat onto affected areas on the fabric.

Available pack size:

  • 4x500ML BOX

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