AKTI-SUDS – Chlorinated Detergent Disinfectant


Chlorinated Detergent Disinfectant

AKTI-SUDS is a chlorinated detergent disinfectant used in the Open Plant Cleaning process to clean surfaces and equipment. AKTI-SUDS is suitable for cleaning and disinfecting in all pharmaceutical plants and institutional businesses. The chlorinated foaming detergent disinfectant dissolves easily and contains strong deodorising properties to easily remove stubborn soil. AKTI-SUDS holds the SANS 1853 mark.

Available pack size:

  • 500×30 GR SACHETS




  • SANS 1853.
  • Can be used in hard and soft water areas.
  • Contains strong deoderising qualities.
  • Effective against micro-organisms with a 99.9% kill rate.

Available pack size:

  • 500×30 GR SACHETS